We are very pleased with the team and how they are coordinating with our interior designer IDA. I’m getting questions from Brett that I normally wouldn’t get until a GC ran into a problem. I really like ArchitectsPlus’ depth of review and thinking in regard to all the moving parts and pieces!

Justin Yancer, Senior Star


We have been extremely pleased with the performance to date by ArchitectsPlus working on our Bluffs project. Brett Paguirigan and our Justin Yancer have been working closely together. Brett listens to and addresses our needs, as well as provides valuable input.

Mark Robertson, Senior Star


On a scale of 1-10, I would give your firm, Amy & Kim a 9.5. I would categorize it as “5 star service.” The nice part about working with Amy and Kim is we don’t need to worry about anything. They are all over each and every detail. Not to mention their superb taste in style and design. We just said take care of us, you know what we like and they both rocked it. Pretty amazing how each one worked in concert of each other – you really never knew who was working a particular detail. They worked so symbiotically and their communication was always right there. Another aspect of any project is the open & trusting nature the architect & builder must have for a successful completion. Kim & Amy work so well with Brian and Chris at Link. It’s really nice when David and I don’t need to worry about the project because we know it’s covered.

Steve Olberding, PHOTOTYPE


Professional architecture is about so much more than a set of drawings. As a professional remodeler for over 25 years I have worked with the team at Architects Plus many times. They are always professional, resourceful and perhaps most important, good listeners. Why is good listening so important? Because turning a clients idea into a workable plan can be very tough, especially when the client doesn’t know how to express what they want which is often the case. From schematic design all the way through helping solve problems during construction they are truly a full service firm that takes your project success seriously.

Paul Bauscher, Bauscher Construction & Remodeling


Our experience with Architects Plus was amazing. We felt like they really listened to our needs and incorporated them in the design. They were with us every step of the way and our project turned out better than we could have expected!

Residential kitchen remodel client. Montgomery, Ohio.


Total house transformation!!! We have our dream home now — on our dream lot. Architects Plus provided us so many innovative ideas to transform our house – lots of sunlight, views to the woods, special nooks, re layout of bedrooms, curb appeal, open floor plans. Architect Plus also maximized our time by handling all of the contractor quotes and bids. Andy then helped us cut the cost of the project nearly half through value-engineered approach. We ended up saving more than our total Architecture fees through their contractor selection process. They found us an absolutely amazing contractor who exceeded our expectations on quality and service. They helped manage the project to ensure all of the design intent was achieved. They helped us design the perfect house for us and found us a perfect contractor for us. Thank you Andy, Page, & Architect Plus Team – they did more than what you’d think an architect would do.

Residential remodel client. Indian Hill, Ohio.


I have been fortunate to work with Kim on several fairly large projects over the past couple of years.  She has the ability to listen to the client, assess what the client is seeking to accomplish, adhere to a budget and provide several options to accomplish the task/project.  Her response time is excellent.  Kim is extremely organized and maintains timely updates and schedules for the client and any trade people involved with the project.  She is a very qualified designer who can take an old, dated project, bring in new paint selections, some updated knobs, counter tops, etc. and turn an eyesore into a beautiful new home.

Commercial & Residential Interior Design client. Cincinnati, Ohio.